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Compass Port Handbooks are known the world over for clean and easy-to-use design and content. Our Handbooks are a useful and attractive addition to any port marketing strategy.

Working closely with your port, the Compass Design and Editorial teams understand the mechanics, processes and terminology of the port industry which ensures the end result truly reflects the operation of your port. With authoritative editorial and interesting articles, bold images, maps and technical information, a Compass Port Handbook will be a welcome addition to your marketing mix.

Compass have now extended their expertise to offer first class publishing to the airport, tourism, and industrial sectors. Contact us for details of how your organisation can benefit from a Compass publication.

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Port of London 2016 Handbook

Gibraltar Handbook

Great Yarmouth 2014-15 Handbook

Abu Dhabi Ports Handbook and Directory

PLA 2014 Handbook cover

Abu Dhabi Ports Handbook

Great Yarmouth Industry Handbook

PLA Handbook 2013 cover

Petehead Port Authority Handbook

Port of London 2012 Handbook